The idea or concept of “smart specialisation” is based on long standing economic theories and empirical evidence and mobilises well tested policy instruments. As a regional and place-based growth policy framework it aims to improve the allocation of public investment in R&D and innovation related investments, in order to stimulate competitiveness, productivity and economic growth through entrepreneurial activities.

The smart specialisations of the future will be more and more embodied in clusters of technology providers, component developers, producers and service providers that are able to co-invest in new value chains. AI4DIAG gathers regions that have a strong interest and relative competitive advantage in the field of life sciences, diagnostics and/or artificial intelligence. One of the objectives will therefore be the development of a Policy brief including the lessons learned from the cooperation activities and recommendations with regard to improving interregional collaboration.

This Policy brief will also include a long-term cooperation agenda for the partnership, identifying a roadmap of activities and goals to achieve jointly for the next 5 years and at least one major short-term co-investment project. Indeed, an important precondition for a region in order to develop and support a certain smart specialisation strategy, is the development of the necessary strategic intelligence to allow an evidence-based assessment of the smart specialisation potential of a region and to monitor progress in the formation of the new clusters.