Economic opportunities lie in the convergence of advanced technologies. However, bringing two technological worlds together is rarely an easy task. Differences in technological language, business dynamics and market approaches hinder possible collaborations between high tech sectors. Also clusters struggle with developing appropriate support activities for their respective members.

Therefore, the AI4DIAG consortium will establish a guide for clusters willing to offer joint acceleration activities on AI for Diagnostics companies (which could also include items concerning Life Sciences companies’ acceleration in general). This guide will deal with the interests and barriers to innovation that diagnostics SMEs are facing when it comes to big data analyses and AI, the skills they might need and the best way to integrate those skills in their operations, but also what joint actions from clusters and/or regions could be the most relevant and efficient ones to help them to boost their innovation capacity and create new value propositions.

The consortium will further communicate towards the European ecosystem on a new model of European interregional and intercluster collaboration and will offer relevant tools and lessons learned to other clusters.